Research and Reports

Global Value Chains

ASEAN Global Value Chain and Its Relationship with RCEP: Impacts of RCEP on ASEAN Integration

Resilient Global Value Chains for ASEAN and its Relationship with Partner Countries

Global Value Chains in ASEAN

Paper 1: A Regional Perspective (Revised)
(January 2019)

Paper 2: Brunei Darussalam
(February 2018)

Paper 3: Cambodia
(March 2019)

Paper 4: Indonesia
(June 2021)

Paper 5: Lao People’s Democratic Republic
(March 2021)

Paper 6: Malaysia
(July 2021)

Paper 7: Myanmar
(February 2021)

Paper 8: The Philippines
(July 2017)

Paper 9: Singapore
(August 2018)

Paper 10: Thailand
(March 2019)

Paper 11: Viet Nam
(May 2020)

Paper 12: Automobiles
(January 2020)

Paper 13: Electronics
(March 2021)

Paper 14: Textiles and Clothing
(March 2020)

Paper 15: Agribusiness
(March 2020)

Paper 16: Tourism
(March 2018)


Promoting Services Trade in ASEAN

Paper 1: Trade in Professional Services
(February 2017)

Paper 2: Trade in Research & Development Services
(February 2017)

Paper 3: Trade in Telecommunication Services
(March 2017)

Paper 4: Trade in Computer and Related Services
(March 2017)

Paper 5: Trade in Courier Services
(January 2018)

Paper 6: Trade in Maritime, Air, Rail and Road Transport Services
(February 2018)

Paper 7: Trade in Tourism Services
(March 2018)


Paper 1: Trade in Health Related and Social Services
(February 2020)

Paper 2: Trade in Education Services
(February 2020)

Paper 3: Trade in Environmental Services
(March 2021)

Promoting New Forms of Trade between Japan and ASEAN

Paper 1: Brunei Darussalam
(September 2021)

Paper 2: Cambodia
(August 2019)

Paper 3: Indonesia
(March 2021)

Paper 4: Lao People’s Democratic Republic
(March 2020)

Paper 5: Malaysia
(July 2021)

Paper 6: Myanmar
(March 2020)

Paper 7: The Philippines
(March 2018)

Paper 8: Singapore
(July 2021)

Paper 9: Thailand
(April 2020)

Paper 10: Viet Nam
(December 2018)

Handbook of E-Commerce Market in Japan

This handbook includes information related to laws and regulations as well as current status and trends in Japan’s EC market. In Vietnamese language only.

Reviews of ASEAN Commitments in Services under AFAS 10 and RCEP

The papers present ASEAN commitments under the tenth package of the ASEAN Framework on Agreement on Services (AFAS 10) and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Agreement in the sectors of computer and related-services, courier services, telecommunications services and transportation services including air, maritime, rail and road transport services. These sectors are considered crucial for post-Covid-19 economic recovery.

Computer and Related Services

Courier Services

Maritime, Air, Rail and Road Transport Services

Telecommunication Services

ASEAN Coffee Map

This illustrates the story of the beauty of ASEAN coffee you can enjoy in Japan. It features coffee culture and coffee products of each ASEAN Member State.

The Japanese Consumer Market

Designed specifically for ASEAN SMEs looking to break into the Japanese market, this research paper provides insights into Japan’s unique consumer landscape while also offering Japanese readers a fascinating glimpse into their own market.


Impact Investing Towards ASEAN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

ESG Investment Report 2018: Towards Sustainable Development in ASEAN and Japan

A paper prepared to urge investors to invest responsibly by building a basic understanding of ESG investment and contribute to the better and sustainable investment environment and society in Japan and ASEAN countries.

Capacity Building

Interpretive Guide for Sustainable Tourism: Tips for being a good tour guide

A practical handbook introducing the concept of interpretation and how to apply interpretive techniques into guiding.

Travel & Tourism Survey Reports

ASEAN Travel Awareness Survey Report

The ASEAN-Japan Centre conducted a travel sentiment survey on ASEAN Member States in January 2021 for Japanese males/females in their 20s–60s.

ASEAN (overall)

Brunei Darussalam




Report on the CLMV Travel Sentiment Survey

The ASEAN-Japan Centre conducted a travel sentiment survey on Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Viet Nam, targeting Japanese female Instagram users in their 20s & 30s in January 2021. The results contain how social media plays a role as a platform to collect travel information.

Survey Report on Sustainable Tourism for Young People (digest version)

The ASEAN-Japan Centre conducted a survey targeting Japanese aged 15-35 who like to travel or are interested in travel, to survey their travel experiences to the ASEAN Member States, their willingness to travel in the future, and their awareness of sustainable tourism from various perspectives.