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About ASEAN-Japan Centre

What is the role of the AJC ?

The ASEAN Promotion Centre on Trade, Investment and Tourism (ASEAN-Japan Centre) is an intergovernmental organization established by the ASEAN Member States and Japan in 1981. It has been promoting exports from the ASEAN Member States to Japan while revitalizing investment, tourism as well as people-to-people exchanges between the ASEAN Member States and Japan through seminars, workshops, capacity building programs, research and policy advocacy, cross-cultural events, publication and information services, among others.

For more information, see About us.

How is the AJC operated?

The AJC consists of a Council, an Executive Board and a Secretariat. Council is supreme policy-making body of the organization, consisting of 11 directors appointed by and representing each Member State and approves the annual program and budget, appoints the Secretary General, etc.

For more information, please see the Organization.

What is the source of the AJC budget?

Contributions from the ASEAN Member States and Japan.

What is the relationship between the AJC and ASEAN Secretariat?

The AJC is an intergovemental organization, independent from the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta, Indonesia. While the ASEAN Secretariat was established at the ASEAN Summit in 1976, the ASEAN-Japan Centre was established by an agreement between governments of ASEAN Member States and Japan in 1981, aiming at promoting trade, investment and tourism between ASEAN and Japan.

The AJC has developed cooperative relationship with the ASEAN Secretariat in broader areas while maintaining close contact with each Member State through their government.

Which countries does the AJC cover?

Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam, and Japan.

What stakeholders does the AJC work with?

Ministries in the ASEAN Member States and Japan, Embassies of the ASEAN Member States in Japan, ASEAN and Japanese Public Institutions which promotes trade, investment, tourism, exchanges, and other related activities to the AJC as well as ASEAN Secretariat. The AJC also works with private companies, associations, research institutes, schools of the ASEAN Member States and Japan, among others.

Do you accept interns?

When recruiting interns, we basically accept applications through open recruitment. Information will be available on this website.

Does the AJC recruit regularly?

Recruitment at the AJC is irregular. Whenever there is an opening, it will be posted on the AJC’s website. In accordance with the Agreement Establishing the AJC, the nationality of personnel who can be employed at the AJC must be Japan or an ASEAN Member State.

Can I enter AJC's General Information Corner at any time?

The General Information Corner displays a wide selection of materials and local publications related to trade, investment, tourism and culture of the ASEAN Member States for public reference. (Mostly Japanese language materials)

Opening Hours:
9:30 am – 5:30pm (Closed on weekends and public holidays)
*You can check the information on the opening of the museum for the past week from the Home Page.
Admission fees: Free
(Please click here for the access)

Do you rent out the AJC’s multipurpose hall (ASEAN-Japan Hall) to the general public?

The AJC occasionally rents out its multipurpose hall (ASEAN-Japan Hall) free of charge to its stakeholders or to organizations holding events that the AJC nominally supports. The AJC no longer rents the hall for a fee.

Data and materials

Do you have any data on ASEAN-Japan trade, etc.?

Data on ASEAN-Japan trade flows and RCA indices and etc. are available in the “Database” section of this website.

What are the sources of economic data (i.e.) trade, investment related, shown in the AJC website?

The major sources of the data includes followings but not limited to; ASEAN, World bank, United Nations Conference on Trade and Developmen (UNCTAD), International Trade Center (ITC), International Finance Corporation (IFC).

How frequent the economic related data in the AJC homepage are updated?

In principle, it depends on the timing of the update of the original source data. The economic related data in the AJC homepage are to be updated at appropriate timing once the original source data are updated.

Do you have any photos or video materials from the ASEAN Member States available?

To promote tourism in ASEAN, we provide free photo materials in our photo library. Please check the guideline and register to use the service.

Photo Library (Japanese language only):

If you would like to use the videos available on YouTube for your events, please contact our PR team.
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AJC YouTube:

I would like to learn about ASEAN and the ASEAN Member States, do you have any resources?

The AJC produces “ASEANPEDIA”, a website and booklet that introduces ASEAN primarily to young people in Japan. (Japanese language only)
ASEANPEDIA WebSite (Japanese language only)

As for the booklet, since its publication in 2015, more than 90,000 copies have been distributed, and many junior high and high schools across Japan have used it as a teaching tool.

The booklet is distributed free of charge at the AJC’s General Information Corner, and is also given to visitors to the AJC for group visits and other occasions. The booklet can also be downloaded from the ASEANPEDIA website.

Travel information on the ASEAN Member States

Will you be sending information about ASEAN?

We have materials available for mailing only to addresses in Japan. All publications are also available for download.
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Do I need visa to enter a particular country in ASEAN?

Please refer to ASEAN Travel, a travel information website operated by the AJC. (Japanese language only)

ASEAN Travel:

Do you privide information on immigration requirements and duty free allowance to the ASEAN Member States?

Please refer to ASEAN Travel, a travel information website operated by the AJC. (Japanese language only)

ASEAN Travel:

On-site classes, lectures, and visits to AJC

I would like to learn more about the ASEAN Member States, are there any programs I can participate in?

We accept visits by junior high and high school students on school excursions to Tokyo, as well as various organizations and companies, and provide free opportunities for them to learn about the ASEAN Member States, ASEAN-Japan relations, and the AJC’s activities. *Online programs are also available upon request.
For more information, please see the Group Visits program.

Do you travel to elementary schools in Japan for classes?

Currently, we do not visit elementary school to conduct classes. We are always open to accepting visits to the AJC.
For more information, please see the Group Visits program.

Can I request a lecture at a university (including online)?

Please contact our Exchange team. Click here for inquiry form

Request for nominal support

Guideline for requesting nominal support (use the AJC's name as a supporting body) from the AJC

Each request will be reviewed and responded to internally. The basic conditions are as follows.

  1. The purpose of the event(s) is concurrent with that of the AJC and not agaist the general public’s profit or interests.
  2. For the event(s) by private companites, it should be supported by a) governmental bodies (including Local governments), Ministries, Agencies, Offices, Embassies, Consulate-Genrals, Representatives, etc.
  3. If the organization(s) or the event(s) fall(s) in the following categories, permission is not granted.
    • If there is a possibility that the AJC’s name is abused to achieve illegal purposes.
    • If the main purpose is the make profit.
    • If it is a religious, a political organization or other specific group which may not represent the general public.
    • If the scale of the event is too small for the AJC to support.
How can I request nominal support from the AJC?

Please send the official letter by email. If you are applying for the first time, please attach a brief description of your organization’s activities.


Can you share our event annoucements on your social media etc.?

Cooperation for announcements through the AJC’s newsletter and Facebook is only available for events we grant nominal support.

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