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Enhancing Viet Nam-Japan Logistics Collaboration Seminar and Business Matching

The ASEAN-Japan Centre, in collaboration with the Vietnam Agency of Foreign Trade (AFT) and the Commercial Department of the Embassy of Vietnam in Japan, successfully hosted an event titled “Enhancing Vietnam-Japan Logistics Collaboration” on September 12th. This event served as the centerpiece of the Vietnamese business mission, led by Deputy Director-General Mr. Tran Thanh Hai, to Japan, aimed at bolstering logistics sector cooperation between the two countries. The event drew participation from over 100 businesses from both nations, fostering a dynamic environment for information exchange among Government-to-Government, Business-to-Government, and Business-to-Business sectors. 

Promising Collaboration Prospects at all levels

The representative from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) emphasized the potential for collaboration in the cold chain sector. The Japanese government is actively working on formulating ISO standards in the B2B sector (following the established B2C sector), which is expected to unlock new business opportunities for both Japan and Vietnam. Additionally, Japanese logistics companies in Vietnam have doubled over the past decade, indicating the sector’s growth.

Mr. Duc Nghia Tran, representing the mission, provided insights into the current state of the Vietnamese logistics market, highlighting challenges and collaborative approaches aligned with MLIT’s vision. These approaches include:

  1. Improving the quality and utilization of maritime and rail transportation through collaborative projects between two governments for infrastructure enhancements and urging for Japan-Vietnam business collaboration on supportive services. 
  1. Appropriating the use of vehicles for logistics through joint development of Inland Container Depots and Cross-Docking facilities. 
  1. Developing the cold chain, not just for exporting to the Japanese market but also to serve the growing Vietnamese market. 

Dynamic Business Matching

The event successfully facilitated collaboration between Vietnamese and Japanese logistics businesses. The B2B matching session received exceptional engagement, with all seats occupied and vibrant discussions. Many participants attended solely for the matching session, underlining its high demand. Japanese participants expressed eagerness to connect with companies that couldn’t attend on that day.

Way Forward

  • Japanese participants expressed a strong interest in exploring connections with Vietnamese counterparts, prompting the AJC team to follow up and explore potential collaborations. 
  • The popularity of the B2B sessions underscored the demand for logistics-related programs. Building on discussions surrounding the cold chain and potential collaboration, the CS team will leverage these connections to organize future projects and events beneficial to both parties.

In summary, the event marked a significant milestone in enhancing Vietnam-Japan logistics collaboration, showcasing the potential for fruitful partnerships and further activities in this sector.

About the Event

Enhancing Vietnam-Japan Logistics Collaboration Seminar and Business Matching
Date: 12, September 2023
Co-organizer: ASEAN-Japan Centre, Vietnam Agency of Foreign Trade (AFT) and Commercial Department of the Embassy of Vietnam in Japan
Venue: ASEAN Hall, ASEAN-Japan Centre

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