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AJYELN Thailand Fellow Announced the Winners of the We G Vertical Garden at Chiang Mai University Demonstration School in December 15-21

Report by: Poonyaporn Intaphrom, AJYELN Thailand fellow 

Key takeaways

Small actions towards environmental change

The vertical garden competition instilled creativity and initiative among the participating students, that sustainable environmental practices start with small changes. 

After we had officially announced the top 3 winners on our Instagram page (@weg.official), we used our LINE Openchat to tell all the successful participants from the workshop about the Awards Ceremony for the best vertical gardens.  

Figure 1 : The winning vertical gardens of the WeG Competition 

Our rewards for the top 3 winners are 1-year Canva Pro membership (1st prize), 4 buffet coupons (2nd prize), and a waste separation bin (3rd prize). For other successful participants, rewards including lunch boxes, canteen discount coupon, and plant seeds. 

In keeping with our environmental sustainability idea, we made use of a Google Form for the judges to fill in the scores. Moreover, it’s easier to track and analyze the scores online.

Figure 3 : Distributing tumblers for esteemed judges 

As a result, both participants and judges gained a better appreciation of the environmental concerns and the importance of saving the world’s environmental system. We also had a talk and discussion with the winning students, and we learned about their little journey and small actions of change brought about by their participation in the WeG competition. 

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