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AJYELN Thailand Fellow Held a Vertical Garden Competition at Chiang Mai University Demonstration School (CMUDS) on November 22

Report by: Poonyaporn Intaphrom, AJYELN Thailand fellow 

After the success and completion of the vertical garden workshop in August 2023, we gave our participants a few months to prepare their own vertical gardens using used plastic water bottles and easy-to-find materials to decorate their gardens.  

Figure 1. A participating student featuring her vertical garden. 

We announced the competition date and asked 4 CMUDS teachers majoring in science to be our esteemed judges on the competition date, November 22 2023. Our judges included Ms. Krittaporn Puakanokhiran, Ms. Wilasinee Sawatanan, Ms. Pornapat Mungsungnern, and Ms. Ruamrat. 

Figure 2. Judges scoring on the Google Form 

In keeping with our environmental sustainability idea, we made use of a Google Form for the judges to fill in the scores. Moreover, it’s easier to track and analyze the scores online.

Figure 3. A participant presenting their creative vertical garden. 

Our participants did a very fascinating job. Their works are very creative for grade 7-9 students. The judges are very happy to see their growing plants and presenting their works happily.

In conclusion, the competition did not only increase the participants’ engagement in their environmental advocacies, but we also increased awareness in our school by asking the participants to place their vertical gardens in areas of the school with high foot traffic. We intended for this visibility of the vertical gardens to attract interest from other students and staff members who can see the initiative. Many students stopped by to take a look and asked for more information about our project and event. Moreover, gaining the support of our teachers was instrumental in gaining credibility and support from the school management. 

Figure 5. Top 3 winners for WeG competition and esteemed judges 
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