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AJYELN Myanmar Fellows “Stay Aquatic” Organize an Environmental Plastic Awareness Campaign with 189 Secondary School Students in Pathein, Myanmar

Report by AJYELN Myanmar Fellows, Stay Aquatic

Last September 23, the AJYELN Myanmar fellows Stay Aquatic organized the “Environmental Plastic Awareness,” an educational campaign about the critical issue of plastic pollution and its environmental implications and attended by 189 secondary school students. It was hosted at the Pyin-Nyar-Shwe-Yi Hall, situated within the Basic Education High School of Pathein. The activity aims to help the youth in the local community understand environmental aspects at school, and to ignite their passion for the environment. 

The members of the Stay Aquatic team managed the event program. Minn Thant Kyaw led the presentation, delivering a thought-provoking discourse on the pressing issue of plastic waste. Phoo Pwint Aung guided the flow of the event, ensuring seamless transitions between segments to maintain audience engagement. Hnin Wint Htal curated and managed the visual content to reinforce key messages. Kyi Sin Thant played a multifaceted role, overseeing logistical aspects, managing facility requirements, distributing student gifts, and conducting interactive quizzes, making the event both educational and engaging. 

After the event, the team asked 40 out of 189 participants on how much of their environmental awareness has been improved after two months of presentation. Some said that after the environmental presentation, they noticed an emerging evidence suggesting a reduction in plastic presence within the school compound. Others agreed that their knowledge has been greatly improved afterwards. 

Figure 1. 189 students participated in the awareness campaign. 
Figure 2. Phoo Pwint Aung introduced the presentation and guided the flow along as Minn Thant Kyaw delivered the presentation. 
Figure 3. Hnin Wint Htal was backstage coordinating the slide shows and Kyi Sin Thant managed the crowd and needed stuff along with facilitating quizzes to entertain the students.  
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