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Model ASEAN Meeting Plus Japan 2023 in Jakarta, Indonesia

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ASEAN-Japan Centre will host “ASEAN Foundation Model ASEAN Meeting Plus Japan 2023” (AFMAM Plus Japan 2023) with ASEAN Foundation in Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia.

ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta

The AFMAM is an event which students will role-play ASEAN plus Japan meetings and simulate how senior officials engage in various meetings. Participants will understand the functionality of ASEAN as an inter-governmental system, and will learn about the decision-making process to understand how regional agreements and cooperation are cultivated. This special programme will provide participants an invaluable education experience with vast improvements in decision-making skills and knowledge on ASEAN and Japan affairs.

Theme: Advancing the ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific through ASEAN-Japan Joint Cooperation
Dates: 6-9 November 2023
Venue: ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta
60 University students from the ASEAN Member States
12 University students/Post graduate students from Japan
Language: English
Deadline of application submission: 24 September 2023, 21:59(GMT+9)
For Japanese students (PDF)
For ASEAN students (link to ASEAN Foundation’s website)

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