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Activity Reports

International Exchange Activity at Onarimon Elementary School


On July 16, 2011, the Centre conducted an international exchange activity at a nearby Onarimon Elementary School for the second time.

The activity was organized as an exchange program for pupils of the school with an aim to provide an opportunity for the pupils to learn about ASEAN countries firsthand from ASEAN people.

Six lecturers from Tourism Authority of Thailand and university students studying in Japan from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam were invited to share about their countries to the pupils during the 2nd and 3rd periods.

The students in 3rd – 6th grades eagerly listened to the presentations by the lecturers introducing the unique cultural and social heritage of their countries.  Some pupils were keen to learn more about the ASEAN countries, and asked questions to the lecturers even after the classes.

Since the classes were open for parents of the pupils, many parents attended the classes and showed interest in the ASEAN countries as well.



Class on Cambodia


Class on Malaysia


Class on Vietnam