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Activity Reports

Cooperation to the 6th Exhibition "Around the World in Sand – Southeast Asia", the Sand Museum in Tottori


April 20 (Sat.) was the opening of the 6th exhibition of the Sand Museum in Tottori. The Sand Museum is a unique museum which uses sand 200,000years ago to create sculptures with various themes. As this year marks the 40th year of the ASEAN-Japan Frienship and Cooperation, Southeast Asia has been chosen as the theme and the ASEAN-Japan Centre is acting as supporter to the exhibition. Ohnishi Secretary General has been invited to attend the private showing (April 19) as well as the opening ceremony of the Sand Museum on April 20.

【April 19 (Fri.)】
Before the private showing, Ohnishi Secretary General has an official dialogue with Mr. Takeuchi, mayor of Tottori. The dialogue took about 1 hour and topics such as the scuptures of the Sand Museum, the relationship between Japan and ASEAN countries, how to increase tourists from ASEAN countries, business possibility of companies in Tottori in ASEAN countries and so on were discussed. The contents of the dialogue will be published in the Tottori city bulletin by June.

After the dialogue, Ohnishi Secretary General delivered a speech at the private showing. Representatives of the official sponsors to the museum, major of Tottori, personnel of the museum and mass media attended the private showing. For further details of the private showing, please refer to the official homepage of the Sand Museum.

tottori1                             tottori2

       Official dialogue of Mr. Takeuchi and Mr. Ohnishi            Mr. Ohnishi gave a speech at the private showing

【April 20 (Sat.)】
The opening ceremony of the Sand Museum started from 8:30am where representatives of the official sponsors, mayor, governor, member of the Diet, personnel of the museum, students from the Southeast Asia who are currently studying in the Tottori University and many mass media attended. The ceremony started with Bali dance performance, followed with speeches from the mayor, chairperson of the city council, distinguished guests, and messages from the Ambassadors of ASEAN countries were also introduced. For further details of the opening ceremony, please refer to the official homepage of the Sand Museum.

tottori3                               tottori4

               Mr. Ohnishi at the opening ceremony        Students from the ASEAN countries visited the Sand Museum

 *The 6th exhibition starts from April 20, 20213 until January 5, 2014.