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Activity Reports

ASEAN-Japan Forum on the Development of Contents Industry 2010



From Cool Japan to Hot ASEAN!

The ASEAN-Japan Centre launched a new project: a Forum on Contents Industry! . The details are as follows:

Outline of the Forum


  • Project Title:
    ASEAN-Japan Forum on the Development of Contents Industry: Fusion of Pop-Cultures

  • Duration and Timing:
    Nobember 11 (Thursday) to November 13 (Saturday), 2010

  • Venue:   
    Grand Park City Hall Hotel, Singapore

  • Implementing Organization:  
    ASEAN-Japan Centre in association with the ASEAN Secretariat and Media Development Authority (MDA) of Singapore  
    Supported by Embassy of Japan in Singapore and Japan Creative Centre 
  • Participating Countries and Participants: 
    Representatives from the government or the public sector and professionals from the private sector with experience in the contents industry from all ASEAN Member Countries

  • Background: 
    With the dynamic development of the internet coupled with the increasing flow of tourists between Japan and ASEAN, an increasing number of people, particularly the young people, can readily access Japanese pop-culture.   Japanese anime, manga, music, and fashion have dominated the market in Asian countries. In Thailand in 2007, for example, No.1 to No. 10 top sellers in printed manga were all from Japan. While Japan has shown keen interest to introduce manga, animation, game and music to ASEAN countries, ASEAN countries have also challenged to create and develop ASEAN-based pop culture, which has become a growing reality in the light of new ICT industries and increasing number of skilled workers in ASEAN countries. Many Japanese media industries have established working relationships with ASEAN partners in producing Japanese manga and anime as a kind of business alliance. Furthermore business network among Asian countries has gained dynamic momentum to produce Asian-based contents industry. The pop culture should not be taken simply as an emerging social phenomenon among the young generation but be considered a national strategic industry which will generate favorable impact on the national economy in terms of job creation, employment opportunities, and income generation.

    Against the above background, many member countries have suggested that the Centre launch a new activity to promote the contents industry in the ASEAN region. This is a new industry in the service sector and many players have already appeared in promoting the contents industry. In order to coordinate with these players efficiently and effectively, the Centre needs to identify its specific roles and functions in the ASEAN countries. To start with, therefore, it was proposed that a regional forum be organized to share the Japanese and ASEAN experiences on the latest issues and development of contents industry and pop culture.  More importantly, the forum would offer opportunities not only of sharing experiences but also of establishing and strengthening business network among forum participants and others. The forum was held in conjunction with the largest anime-pop culture event “Anime Festival Asia 2010” in November 2010 in Singapore.

  • Objectives:
    i. To study the latest trends and developments of the contents industry in general and pop culture in particular;
    ii. To examine the elements and conditions for success, and challenges faced in developing the contents industry in ASEAN;

    iii. To identify, if possible, collaborative partners to facilitate the promotion and development of contents industry in ASEAN and;

    iv. To recommend appropriate programs and activities that can be undertaken by ASEAN-Japan Centre;

  • Contents of the Forum:
    i. Keynote presentation by “thought leader on contents industry”;

    ii. Country presentations by representatives of private sector organizations and government agencies from Japan and ASEAN that are leading the promotion and development of the contents industries in their respective countries;

    iii. Special presentation on “Cool Japan Program”;

    iv. Participation in the Animation Asia Conference and Anime Festival Asia 2010;

    v. Networking sessions for strategic alliance and business matching; and

    vi. Wrap-up session on recommendations and follow-up activities for member countries to consider.

News Release

For news release of the Forum, please refer to the following websites:
<< English >>    https://www.asean.or.jp/en/ajc/about/info/2010/AJC_Press_Release_20101015_E

<<Japanese>>   https://www.asean.or.jp/ja/ajc/about/info/2009/AJC_Press_Release_20101015_J/


For more information on the Forum, please contact Mr. Lee Kia Yoke or Ms. Junko Nukiyama:
TEL:+81-(0)3-5402-8002  FAX:+81-(0)3-5402-8003  E-mail: Please click here


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