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Activity Reports

ASEAN Students Career Development Guidance Seminar Vol. 1 & Networking Party


Date : November 30, 2012 (Fri.)
Time : 18:00 ~ 21:00 (Open 17:30~)
Venue : ASEAN-Japan Hall
No. of participants : 12 persons

●Part 1 Job Hunting Guidance Seminar for the ASEAN Students
An introductory seminar was conducted by Mr. Koh Ho, from the Japan Data Vision Co., Ltd. to give an overview of job hunting in Japan to the participants. Using data and statistics, Mr. Koh showed recent tendencies of job market of foreigners in Japan, especially students from the ASEAN region. He also analyzed some of the common problems faced by the ASEAN students and provided useful suggestions on how to overcome these problems. The seminar has been very useful in providing necessary information to the ASEAN students who intend to work in Japan after their graduation and a chance to think over their future career plan.


Mr. Koh, who used to be a foreign student studying in Japan,
explained in details about the schedule of job hunting in Japan.


Most of the ASEAN students have trouble understanding the unique job hunting process of Japan
and hence often miss the opportunity to work in Japan after their graduation.

●Part 2 Panel Discussion by ex-ASEAN Students
The Centre invited 3 ex-ASEAN students who are now working in Japan and a ASEAN student who managed to secure a job in Japan to share their insights and experiences with the participants. Their reasons of staying back and working in Japan, obstacles they faced during their job hunting process, the differences of working culture in Japan are among some of the topics being discussed by the panelists. They also gave advises to the participants on how they undertook the job hunting process. Since all the panelists are working in different sectors, the discussion successfully delivered a variety of working experiences as references to the participants.

4ASEAN_Student_Seminar      5ASEAN_Student_Seminar

The panelists sharing their reasons of choosing to work in Japan

●Part 3 Networking Party
After the panel discussion, a networking party was held to provide chances for the participants to interact and exchange information among each other. The participants also furthered their discussion and seeked for personal advises from the panelists.

8ASEAN_Student_Seminar      7ASEAN_Student_Seminar
Everyone made new friends and enjoyed themselves.