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Activity Reports

ASEAN-Japan Students Intercultural Event 2013


Date : March 9, 2013 (Saturday)
Time : 13:30 ~ 19:00 (Door opens 13:00~)
Venue: ASEAN-Japan Hall
No. of participants : 56 students from Japan and ASEAN countries

●Part 1 Presentations by ASEAN & Japanese students
Students from ASEAN countries and Japan made presentations in Japanese with the theme “Love & Relationship in My Country”. Using Power Point slides, they explained the culture, habits, social norms, latest trends, etc.  related to love & relationship in their home countries. Since it was a topic that interested many participants, there were jokes and laughter throughout the presentation.

Student event presentation 1Student event presentation 2Student event presentation 3

●Part 2 ASEAN & Japanese monuments building competition 
The participants were then divided into three groups and each group was requested to make a monument representing ASEAN or Japan using wooded blocks. Students contributed their ideas and discussed with each other while making the monument. Tokyo Tower, Angkor Wat and Petronas Twin Tower were build by the students. The Petronas Twin Tower won the competition and each of the team member received snacks from the ASEAN countries as prizes.

Student event contest 1Student event contest 2Student event contest 3

●Part 3 ASEAN & Japan networking party
Malaysian food were being served as the Centre’s effort to introduce delicious ASEAN food to the participants. It was the first time for many of the participants to try Malaysian food.  Every participants enjoyed themselves and had a good time making new friends.

Student event salon Student event group photo