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Activity Reports

The 3rd ASEAN-Japan Students Intercultural Event 2014


Date : February 08, 2014 (Saturday)
Time : 14:00 ~ 18:00 (Door opens 13:030~)
Venue: ASEAN-Japan Hall
No. of participants : 52 students from Japan and ASEAN countries

●Part 1 Presentations by ASEAN & Japanese students
Students from ASEAN countries and Japan made presentations in Japanese with the theme “school life & graduation”. Cambodian and Thai students from ASJA, Indonesian and Japanese students each made presentation about the education of their home country in Japanese using Power Point slides. Some of the explained the education system, some made presentations of a typical day of a high school students, some introduced after-school club activities and so on. 

☆115 ☆119 ☆132☆140













●Part 2 ASEAN-Japan Trading Game Contest
With the cooperation of ASEAN Community – Japan (ACJ), the ASEAN-Japan Trading Game Contest was carried out. Participants were separated in groups, with limited and different resources and techniques. They were required to produce certain products as many as possible by negotiating, trading and cooperating with other teams. Through this game, we hope to provide a chance for the participants to think about the trading between developed and developing countries.  This game also served the function of ice-breaking and all the participants enjoyed the game.

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●Part 3 ASEAN & Japan Networking Party
Vietnamese food was served as part of the Centre’s effort to introduce ASEAN food culture to the participants. Every participants enjoyed themselves and had a good time making new friends at the party.

☆181 ☆183








Despite the heavy snow, we were glad to see so many students turned up. It showed these students are really eager to make new friends and expand their network. We hope this event may serve as a good beginning of many life-long friendships between Japanese students and ASEAN students.