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藤田正孝 / 日本アセアンセンター事務総長

“I appreciate very much commemorative statements from all member states, all of which put our mind back at the time of establishment of 40 years ago. We renew our commitment again to strengthening further the relationship between ASEAN and Japan…Opening the Centre with only six Member States (five original ASEAN Member States and Japan) in 1981 was meant for a new chapter for ASEAN and Japan in exploring, deepening and widening their relationships. The membership expanded fully to 11 countries by 2006. The past 40 years of achievements led the Centre to where it stands now, and it should listen to the voices from Member States and stakeholders, and respond to them sincerely.”




H.E. Dato Lim Jock Hoi / ASEAN事務総長

“Since its establishment in 1981, the Centre continues to play an important role in nurturing ASEAN-Japan relations that was founded on the “heart-to-heart” partnership enshrined in the Fukuda Doctrine. By conducting a large number of projects and activities, the Centre promoted exports, investment, tourism and people-to-people exchanges that have contributed greatly to the deepening of ASEAN-Japan relations, as well as enhancing mutual understanding and friendship amongst our peoples. For these efforts, I wish to convey ASEAN’s deep appreciation.”




Dr. May Fa’ezah Ahmad Ariffin / ブルネイ・ダルサラーム国理事

“AJC has also played a tremendous role in its efforts to nurture a conducive environment in the region and as a nexus for trade, investment, tourism and exchanges to prosper not only between Brunei Darussalam and Japan but also within the region. I am confident that AJC will continue to become the centre of excellence for the promotion of trade and investment between ASEAN and Japan. This can be further enhanced by the rapid development of technology and digitalization.”


H.E. Mr. Sim Vireak / カンボジア王国理事

“Cambodia expresses appreciation to the ASEAN-Japan Centre for its extensive roles and accomplishments. We are optimistic that, with the active contribution of ASEAN-Japan Centre, the dialogue relations between ASEAN and Japan will further reach new height. We would encourage the Centre to continue its path as an added value to further cementing the ASEAN-Japan relations. With collective efforts and hand-in-hand partnership, ASEAN and Japan can overcome any challenges, including the current COVID-19 pandemic and proactively contribute to the building of a shared future that is more sustainable, prosperous and resilient.”


Mr. Kasan Muhri / インドネシア共和国前理事*
*2021年5月4日にDidi Sumedi氏に理事交代

“Looking back 40 years since the establishment of the Centre in 1981, many programs have helped promote trade, tourism, and investment in ASEAN member countries, particularly Indonesia, to the Japanese businesses. Economic interdependence between ASEAN and Japan has been steadily increasing, making ASEAN Japan’s second-largest trade partner. Private direct investment from Japan to ASEAN Member Countries over the past ten years has reached a substantial level further demonstrating the close economic linkages between ASEAN Member Countries and Japan.”

「1981年のセンター設立以降の40年間で、センターによって実施された多くの事業により、インドネシアを含むASEAN諸国からの貿易、そして日本からの観光と投資が促進されました。日本とASEANの経済的な相互依存関係は着実に深まり、今やASEANは、日本にとって第2位の貿易パートナーになっています。 民間レベルにおける日本からASEAN諸国への直接投資額は過去10年間に相当な水準に達しており、これは日本とASEAN諸国の間の経済的つながりの緊密さを物語っています。」

Mr. KOBAYASHI Kenichi / 日本国理事

“Japan highly values the Centre’s great contribution in strengthening the relationship between Japan and ASEAN.
Over forty years, the Centre has promoted trade, investment, tourism and people-to-people exchanges which have become the foundation of our relationship. As our relationship has evolved over time, the challenges we face have also changed. I hope that the Centre will take this opportunity to enhance its value to the region.”


Mr. Latsamy Keomany / ラオス人民民主共和国理事

“The Lao PDF highly values the important role and invaluable contribution contributed by the ASEAN-Japan Centre for the past four decades. These support and cooperation extended are well in line with ASEAN and Lao PDR’s pressing needs and priorities, including Covid-19 pandemic response, trade and investment as well as people to people linkages promotion.”

「ラオス人民民主共和国は、この40年間にセンターが担ってきた重要な役割とその計り知れない貢献を高く評価しています。 センターによって提供される支援や協力は、昨今のCOVID-19パンデミックへの対応や、貿易・投資そして人的交流の促進をはじめとするASEAN諸国およびラオス人民民主共和国が直面する喫緊のニーズや優先課題に沿ったものです。」

Mr. Mohd Zahid Abdullah / マレーシア理事

“Without doubt, we have successfully worked hand-in-hand in promoting exports from ASEAN Member States to Japan as well as revitalizing investment, tourism and people-to-people exchanges for the past 40 years. I am optimistic that the synergy that we have established thus far will be further strengthened through our strategic collaboration in the coming years as we navigate through these difficult times together to recover from the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

「この40年間私たちは、投資や観光そして人的交流の活性化に加えて、ASEAN諸国の対日輸出の促進に向けて連携してきましたが、こうした取り組みは間違いなく実を結んでいます。 これまでに築いてきた相乗効果は、コロナ禍によるマイナスの影響から回復するための厳しい局面をともに乗り越えていく今後数年間の間に、戦略的協力関係を通じてさらに強化されていくでしょう。」

H.E. Mr. Soe Han / ミャンマー連邦共和国理事

“Taking this opportunity, I would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Government and the people of Japan for its support, to the ambassadors of the ASEAN member states for their cooperation, to the Secretary-General and its staffs of the AJC for their relentless efforts for the success of the AJC’s vision and mission.
I am confident that our continued efforts will further strengthen the strategic partnership between ASEAN and Japan in the years to come.”


Mr. Robespierre L. Bolivar / フィリピン共和国理事

“Throughout the last four decades, the AJC has increased goodwill and cooperation among ASEAN Member Countries and Japan, both in the government and private sector spheres.
The AJC has also provided an excellent platform for ASEAN Embassies in Tokyo to feature the best that our countries can offer in terms of trade, tourism, and culture.
Bilaterally, Japan is the Philippines’ foremost political, economic, and development partner and the AJC has played a crucial role in strengthening this enhanced strategic partnership.”


Ms. Eunice Koh / シンガポール共和国理事

“The ASEAN-Japan relationship has evolved and AJC has played a unique and important role in fostering this special relationship and promoting partnerships amongst companies of the countries. Our engagement has become wide-ranging, with cooperation activities in areas such as trade facilitation, infrastructure, energy, innovation and technology. In the recent year, dialogues and cooperation initiatives on the digital economy have also taken place. Singapore, together with ASEAN, will continue to cooperate and enhance stronger trade and investment ties with Japan.”


Mr. Somdet Susomboon / タイ王国理事

“The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), would like to convey our heartfelt appreciation to our members for being the main driving forces behind AESAN-Japan’s strong cooperation trade for the past 40 years. In accordance with our efforts contribute to enhance the economy and trade between Japan and the ASEAN Member Countries which is a part to assist public and private sectors including entrepreneurs to be able to achieve the objectives effectively. Hereafter, DITP is looking forward to the coming decade of continuing support and close cooperation with all of you.”


Mr. Vu Ba Phu / ベトナム社会主義共和国理事

“Over the past 40 years, AJC has devoted its efforts to support ASEAN member countries on promoting cooperation in the field of trade, investment and tourism. The programs and activities organized by AJC continue to receive high results and positive feedbacks from SME participants as well as government officials. Given this occasion, I would like to congratulate and express my sincerest gratitude to AJC’s strong leadership and passionate team members.”