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Report: ASEAN Food & Beverage Trade Missions with Business Meetings 2010

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ASEAN Food & Beverage Trade Missions with Business Meetings 2010

At ASEAN-Japan Hall                                                                                                             


The ASEAN Food & Beverage Trade Missions with Business Meetings, featuring over 300 kinds of potential products from 29 ASEAN companies, was held at the ASEAN-Japan Hall of ASEAN-Japan Centre in Onarimon, Tokyo from September 30 to October 7, 2010.

In order to promote the most potential products from each country, three (3) experts were dispatched to ASEAN Member countries in July of 2010. 

                                                                1)     Mr. Tadashi Ebihara

                                                                Purchasing Section, Research & Development Division S & B Food, Inc.

                                                                (Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia and the Philippines)


                                                                2)     Mr. Kazunori Sonobe

                                                                Manager, Purchasing Department House Foods Corporation

                                                               (Cambodia, Malaysia and Vietnam)


                                                                3)     Mr.  Makoto Nakamura

                                                               President, Nikko International Ltd. 

                                                               (Myanmar and Thailand)

Business Meetings were conducted during October 5-7. During the three (3) days, there were 714 Business Meetings conducted with estimated sales to the amount of USD18million. 

  •  Top three companies by number of inquiries during the business meetings
 [Company name]     [Handling products]

 1) Raw Brawn Sugar Milling Co., Ltd. (The Philippines) 

 Raw brawn sugar       

 2) Aiza’s Sweet (The Philippines) 

 Cashew nut and coconut products

 3) Confirel Co., Ltd. (Cambodia)

 Palm drinks


           F&B1from fruits carving                               F&B2         F&B3

 Fruit Carving Workshop on October 1           Business Meetings on October 5-7, 2010 at ASEAN-Japan Hall