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1. Promoting Services Trade FY2017

This is a multi-year regional project which started in FY2016, with special emphasis on producer services which are an important source of competitiveness of the entire economy.  Understanding and further liberalization of services trade is important for further integration of ASEAN.  In FY2017, after the completion of papers and seminars for four sectors, the remaining three sectors will be embarked upon.

Policy Recommendation Papers distributed in FY2016:
-Paper 1: Trade in Professional Services (1st seminar in Japan)
-Paper 2: Trade in Research & Development Services(1st seminar in Japan)
-Paper 3: Trade in Telecommunication Services (2nd seminar in Japan)
-Paper 4: Trade in Computer and Related Services (2nd seminar in Japan)

2 seminars were held in FY2017 to discuss the following e theme;

-Paper 5: Trade in Corrie Services (3rd seminar in Malaysia)
-Paper 6: Trade in Transportation Services (3rd  seminar in Malaysia)
-Paper 7: Trade in Tourism  Services (4th seminar in Thailand)

 Please see each report uploaded our websites;