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Marketing Guide for ASEAN Exporters to Japan

Import Procedures in Japan for ASEAN Products <Food & Beverage>


For 27 years since its founding in 1981, ASEAN-Japan Centre (ASEAN Promotion Centre on Trade,Investment and Tourism) has dedicated its efforts to promoting trade, investment and tourism between

ASEAN countries (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam) and Japan.

In reflection of the close relationship between ASEAN and Japan, food imports from ASEAN countries to Japan have significantly increased in recent years. Particularly in the wake of food-related incidents involving imported food products from China, such as the case of frozen dumplings that were contaminated by pesticide, Japanese consumers are showing increasing concern and distrust of food imports from China, and are now turning to safer and affordable food materials from ASEAN

countries. This trend is expected to become even more pronounced hereafter.

However, procedures for food importation from ASEAN countries are still way too complicated and cumbersome and are an impediment to import promotion, as has been made known by exchanges of views with buyers at food fairs hosted by the Centre. In response to this situation, the Centre has hereby compiled this Guidebook containing general information on import procedures for food items in Japan for exporters in ASEAN countries.

In addition to providing a general outline of import procedures, this guidebook contains information in greater details on import procedures and other necessary information for eight food categories whose import procedures are particularly complicated but which Japanese buyers wish to import from ASEAN countries.

I hope this Guidebook will help manufacturers and exporters in ASEAN countries further increase their exports to Japan and open up new possibilities in the Japanese market.

Nobutoshi Akao
Secretary General
ASEAN-Japan Centre

November 2008

Download all ((125pages / 2.2MB))

  • Index ((4 Pages / 72KB))
  • Part 1: Food Import Procedures ((33 Pages / 472KB)
    1. Food Import Clearance
    2. Japanese Import Regulations
    3. Laws Concerning the Labeling of Foods in Japan
  • Part 2: Import Procedures by Food Category ((85 Pages / 1.3MB))
    1. Fresh and Frozen Vegetables
    2. Fresh Fruits
    3. Frozen Fish and Shellfish
    4. Teas and Coffees
    5. Prepared Foods
    6. Soft Drinks
    7. Alcoholic Beverages
  • List of Official Laboratories in Exporting Countries ((2 Pages / 60KB))