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Marketing Guide for ASEAN Exporters to Japan

Marketing Guide for ASEAN Exporters to Japan (Health & Wellness)

The ASEAN-Japan Centre (ASEAN Promotion Centre on Trade, Investment and Tourism) has been making dedicated efforts to implement various activities in order to promote trade, investment and tourism between Japan and the ASEAN nations (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam) since its foundation in May 1981.

Exports to Japan from ASEAN countries are expected to increase following the signature in April 2008 of the ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement, which is expected to enter into force in 2008. In line with this Agreement, the Centre has been undertaking trade activities, such as the Market Survey Program, to contribute to the enhancement of trade between ASEAN and Japan. This particular program aims to help facilitate ASEAN exports to Japan by providing businesses in specific product areas with information on the Japanese market, trade trends, Japanese imports and sales regulations and related points to bear in mind when entering the market.

For Fiscal Year 2007, the Survey focused on the Japanese spa industry, one of the “health & wellness” industries, which are projected to expand in Japan. This Survey provides comprehensive information on the treatments available at Japanese spas, the history of spa development in Japan, an overview of the spa industry, qualifications that spas must have in order to operate, market trends for related products, domestic import procedures, and a list of related public and private sector organizations. The report also contains, for reference, academic explanations of the plants and fruits that constitute the basic ingredients of various spa products.

We hope this Survey can provide manufacturers and exporters in ASEAN countries with valuable information to support their market entry or increased their market share in Japan.

ASEAN-Japan Centre
Nobutoshi Akao
Secretary General

April 2008

Download all ((277pages / 12.8MB))

  • Index ((5 Pages / 313KB))
  • Chapter 1: The Spa Industry ((110 Pages / 5.3MB))、-2・3 ((41 Pages / 4MB))
    1. Introducing Japan’s spa industry
    2. The Development of the Unique Japanese Spa Culture
    3. Market Trends in Japanese Spa Products (Cosmetics)
  • Chapter 2: Import and Marketing of Spa Products ((76 Pages / 1.1MB))
    1. Products that cannot be imported into or marketed in Japan
    2. Products that fall under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law such as Cosmetics, Soap, Massage Oils and Toothpaste
    3. The Compliance of Import Procedures with the Food Sanitation Law
    4. Import Procedures for Towels and Linen
    5. Importation of Aroma-related Products
    6. Home Electric Appliances in General
  • Appendix ((44 Pages / 2.2MB))