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Marketing Guide for ASEAN Exporters to Japan

Marketing Guide for ASEAN Exporters to Japan (Furniture & Gifts)


Since its establishment in 1981, the ASEAN-Japan Centre (ASEAN Promotion Centre on Trade, Investment and Tourism) has exerted its efforts to promote closer relations between ASEAN Member Countries and Japan in the fields of trade, investment and tourism.

For fiscal year 2005, the Council Directors of ASEAN-Japan Centre, at its 24th meeting in Tokyo in March 2005, approved the production of a series of Japanese market reports as a part of new trade promotion activities within the scope of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership (CEP) program.

Based on the requirements of ASEAN countries, the initial reports will focus on gfurnitureh and ?ggift itemsh composed of 12 items, such as furniture, carpets and curtains, bedding (futons), bags, jewelry and colored stones, home textiles, lighting fixtures, cutlery, ceramic/porcelain and glass tableware, aromatic products, toys and games, and writing instruments. These sectors are the priority thrusts of member countries for promotion in Japan.

This particular report contains market conditions in Japan, trade trends, key considerations related to exporting to Japan, tariff duties and consumption tax in Japan, etc. I hope it can assist ASEAN exporters and manufacturers in having better access to, and in expanding their business in the Japanese market.

Nobutoshi Akao
Secretary General
ASEAN Promotion Centre on Trade, Investment and Tourism