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Schedule of Trade Activities

Approaches & Strategies for Trade Activities in FY 2013


  •  Regional approach will be continued due to its importance and significance for export promotion from ASEAN to Japan

  •  Sub-regional approach will be taken for projects, aiming at narrowing economical gap among the ASEAN member states

  •  Country-by-country approach will also be made to respond to specific needs or interest of individual ASEAN member states

  •  As for intangible products or service such as contents industry, sharing the latest technology by ASEAN entrepreneurs will be focused, which is expected to further lead to business alliances between ASEAN and Japanese companies in the future


  • Year 2013

    1. ASEAN Showcase and Business Matching

    Introducing high potential products and service from ASEAN countries to the Japanese Market.

      ASEAN Showcase    
      Sept. 9 (Wed.) – Sept. 11 (Wed.), 2013
    • Indonesia
    • Sept. 18 (Wed.) – Sept. 26 (Thurs.), 2013
    • Malaysia
    • Oct. 28 (Mon.) – Nov. 1 (Fri.), 2013
    • Cambodia
    • To be announced
    • Lao P.D.R.
    • To be announced
    • Brunei Darussalam

    2. ASEAN-Japan Business Person Support Program 

    Supporting business persons in ASEAN and Japan for their visits to the counterparts to accelerate business transactions between exporters and importers.

      ASEAN-Japan Business Person Support Program

    • Myanmar
    • The Philippines
    • Singapore
    • Thailand
    • Vietnam

    3. Information Sevice: Market Regulations and Information for ASEAN Exporters

    Providing the latest information of the Japanese market regulations and others to ASEAN SME’s.

      To be Confirmed

     4. ASEAN Creative Network for the Development of Contents Industry

    Sharing the latest Japanese know-how on the contents industry among ASEAN member states by establishing a new network system through the Internet, and organizing business matching meetings in a member country to promote business alliances by ASEAN and Japanese companies. 

     5. CLMV Trade Fair Participation in Japan

    Re-positioning CLMV (Cambodia, Lao P.D.R., Myanmar, and Vietnam) products as highly qualified ones in the Japanese market.


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