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Schedule of Trade Activities 2010

In order to accelerate export from ASEAN to Japan, the Centre introduces ASEAN products with high potential for export to Japan:

  1. by organizing business meetings between ASEAN exporters and buyers in Japan at its ASEAN-Japan Hall, and
  2. by participating in related trade exhibitions held in Tokyo.


Year 2010

1. Business Meetings 2010 at the ASEAN – Japan Hall (Tokyo)

The Centre will organize six (6) business meetings at the ASEAN-Japan Hall to display ASEAN products for a period of about two (2) weeks per activity. During these activities, the Centre will invite ASEAN exhibitors to Tokyo for two to three (2-3) days to conduct intensive business meetings with Japanese buyers. The list of exhibitors compiled by the Centre will provide complete information on their products and profiles of the companies.


PHILIPPINES Trade Mission with Business Meetings(Fashion)

  • Jul.13 (Tue.) – 22 (Thu.)
  • Business Meeting
    Jul.20 (Tue.) – 22 (Thu.)
  • at ASEAN-Japan Hall

ASEAN Food & Beverage Trade Missions with Business Meetings

  • Sep.27 (Mon.) – Oct.8 (Fri.)
  • Business Meeting
    Oct.5 (Tue.) – 7 (Thu.) (tentative)
  • at ASEAN-Japan Hall

LAO Trade Mission with Business Meetings: Special Gifts from Mekong

  • Nov.9 (Tue.) – 18 (Thu.)
  • Business Meeting
    Nov.16 (Tue.) – 18 (Thu.) (tentative) 
  • at ASEAN-Japan Hall

VIETNAM Trade Mission with Business Meetings: Lifestyle Vietnam

  • Nov.30 (Tue.) – Dec.9 (Thu.)
  • Business Meeting
    Dec.7 (Tue.) – 9 (Thu.) (tentative)
  • at ASEAN-Japan Hall

MYANMAR Trade Missions with Business Meetings

  • Mar.1 (Tue.) – 10 (Thu.)
  • Business Meeting
    Mar.8 (Tue.) – 10(Thu.) 
  • at ASEAN-Japan Hall

2. Special Exhibitions 2010

The Centre will participate in the following large-scale exhibition as special exhibition. During the 3 day exhibiting session, the Centre will invite exhibitors to conduct direct business contact with visitors to the exhibition. Pamphlets and brochures, introducing detailed information of exhibitors will be disseminated to business people to assist the exhibitors.

interiorlifestyle 2010