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LATEST Reports

ASEAN Creative Network for the Development of Contents Industry


The ASEAN Creative Network (ACN), B2B website, was established in 2013 to strengthen the business network for those companies and entrepreneurs in ASEAN and Japan for development of content-related industries. Furthermore, the Centre for the third consecutive year, will invite companies from ASEAN to participate in the “Tokyo Game Show 2015″ in September, and organize business meetings during the show.

Schedule of Trade Activities

Report: Tokyo Game Show 2015
Creative industriesReportFY2015
Interview Report
Creative industriesReportFY2015
Bunka Fashion College Fashion Show
Event date:11-2(Mon) - 11-4(Wed)
Creative industriesEventFY2015
Participation in Tokyo Game Show 2015
Event date:9-17(Thu) - 9-20(Sun)
Creative industriesEventFY2015