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Report of the BioFach Japan 2011 Expo


Report of the BioFach Japan 2011 Expo

Date: 2011 Nov 1-3

Time: 10:00-18:30

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Hall 4

Organizer: Nurnberg Messe

Product category:  Organic food and beverage, cosmetic, textile, cloths

Number of exhibitors: 165 exhibitors from 10 countries

Number of visitors: 16,119

Size of the Hall: The exhibition uses 1 hall.


The Biofach Japan 2011 Expo was a small sized exhibition.

Guidebook of the fair, which includes the exhibitor’s contact and product information,

were handed out for free at the registration.  It is very useful for the possible buyers

both from domestic and oversea, as most of the information is in bilingual.

The exhibition is comprised of 3 main categories; namely Food and beverage, Cosmetics and Cloths.

There were oversea exhibitors from Australia, Austria, China, France, Germany, India, Italy and Korea.

Several organic cotton-wear products are targeted for babies, as it is safe for the babies’ health due

to the absence of chemicals in the products.  The color and pattern is also used by organic dye.

The majority of oversea exhibitors displayed cosmetics, skincare products, wine and herbal tea.

There are overall, 30 oversea exhibitors’ booths.  Japanese exhibitors displayed cotton products,

cosmetics, skincare, aromatic products and organic food products.

Information booths of respective organizations from Austria, Germany, India and Japan were also set-up.

Books containing contacts and information on organic producers were also sold at the exhibition.  


       Opening Ceremony of Biofach Japan 2011                                               Registration Booth


                                                                     Entrance of the Exhibition