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Report: Program for Promoting Trade in Creative Industry “ASEAN Design Forum”

On March 15th (Tuesday) and 17th (Thursday), 2022, ASEAN Japan Centre (AJC) hosted the ASEAN Design Forum, a trade promotion program targeting the creative industry in ASEAN nations.

This program is in line with AJC efforts in promoting trade in creative industry in ASEAN countries since 2017. With the technical support from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP), AJC aims to strengthen the design of products/services from small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) from ASEAN nations; at the same time, creating new value that enhances their products’ marketability to Japan. In addition, we assist seven of the ten ASEAN countries (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam) to establish their system of “Good Design Award” that follow JDP’s standards, and guidelines. Through these mutual efforts, a variety of high-quality designed products and services have been created, and successfully penetrated the market.

ASEAN Design Forum introduced ASEAN design products that won the “Good Design Award” in 2021 from Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore. The Good Design Award is not a competition for superiority in designs, but is given to products, services that improve our quality of life, society, and environment. By introducing ASEAN’s excellent design products, we expect this event will promote meaningful collaboration between innovative business from Japan and ASEAN countries.

The Forum was held for, but not limited to, those who are interested in the creative industry and good design, those who are interested in import/export and sales of innovative products, and educational institutions and research institutes related to design.

OrganizerASEAN Japan Centre
Time and date2022
March 15th (Tuesday)  15:00-16:30 Indonesia Session
March, 17th (Thursday) 12:00-13:30 Thailand Session
March, 17th (Thursday) 15:00-16:30 Singapore Session  
VenueZoom meeting
SpeakersRepresentatives and “2021 Good Design Award” Winner from Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore
Participantsmore than 90 people attended
Objectives1. To introduce ASEAN Design products/services to the Japanese business community.
2. To explore opportunities for ASEAN-Japan collaboration in the creative design industry.
3. To understand Japan’s interest in ASEAN Creative Design Industry.

Opening remarks from ASEAN Japan Centre

Mr. Kunihiko Hirabayashi, Secretary- General, ASEAN Japan Centre

Three sessions were started with the opening remarks by Secretary General Kunihiko Hirabayashi from AJC. After introducing the Centre’s contribution to the creative industries in ASEAN countries, he explained about the selection criteria of the products that were presented; the criteria, which are not limited to the product’s visual aesthetics, but its contribution to the richer environment, society, and lifestyle.

Welcoming Remarks from Japan Institute of Design Promotion

Ms. Makiko Tsumura, Director of Project Department, Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP)

Ms. Makiko Tsumura, firstly, introduced JDP’s activities, including their support for the establishment of the G Mark. Secondly, she explained about the screening process of Good Design Award in ASEAN nations. The “Good Design Award” was given to products not only because of its beauty, but also of its story, visions, and benefits to consumers, environment.

Greetings from design centres in ASEAN countries

Representatives from Design Centres of participated countries delivered their remarks and introduced the role of the design centres along with the trends in the creative industries in their countries.


Dr. Miftah Farid, Director of Export Product Development, Ministry of Trade, Indonesia.
Dr. Farid introduced the success stories of several Good Design Award winners who have penetrated the global value chain since the establishment of the Design Centre in 2016.


Mr. M.L. Kathathong Thongyai, Assistant Director-General, Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce、Kingdom of Thailand.
Mr. Thongyai discussed various advancements and rapid changes of Thailand design products in response to the trend in digitalization since the establishment of Design Centre in 2008.


Mr. Kimming Yap, Founder of Creativeans and Executive Committee Member of Design Business Chamber Singapore.
Mr. Yap discussed the latest trends and the implications of design in business community, society and development in response to the rapid changes.

Innovative Products Presenting


Presenter / Company and Products 1: Berkat Kriya Tritunggal with “Rekajalin”
An application of computer-aided design to traditional weaving to create products which can be used for decorations, and building. 
Presentation Materials Part 1 / Part 2

Presenter / Company and Products 2: Mukura with ”Mukura BYOND”
A ceramic ventilation block system that has many implication in housing, decoration, and construction. It is the improvement of “Mukura”, which also won the “Good Design Award” in 2018.
Presentation Materials

Presenter / Company and Products 3: Rekatama Konstruksindo with ”CSW”
The design for traffic intersection in front of the ASEAN Secretariat
Presentation Materials

Presenter / Company and Products 4: Continental Panjipratama with ”kubiko”
An innovative luggage that can be transform into workstation during travel.
Presentation Materials


Presenter / Company and Products 1: Doi Tung with “Re-Pleats-Plastic: Pha Khao Ma”
Handwoven textile developed from PET recycled yarns.
Presentation Materials

Presenter / Company and Products 2: Sonite Innovative Surfaces with “HUSK”
Renovative material name “Husk,” made from rice husks, and a series of kitchen products made from “Husk.”
Presentation Materials


Presenter / Company and Products 1: Allegro Print Pte Ltd with ”OFFCUT”
Stationery products upcycling from their main activity (printing).
Presentation Materials

Presenter / Company and Products 2: MOSS Design Studio with ”Fuga Farm”
Proposing a new approach to the farming and outdoor lifestyle
Presentation Materials

Presenter / Company and Products 3: One Bite Design Studio with ”Siu Hei Court Play Space”
Designed and transformed a rooftop of a public house estate into a cheerful playground.
Presentation Materials

  Records of the webinars  ASEAN Design Forum
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