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Online conference and workshop “ASEAN Digital Revolution: Recalibrate ASEAN Digital Connect”

ASEAN-Japan Center will hold an online conference and workshop “ASEAN Digital Revolution” on 23 March 2022.

ASEAN-Japan Center, in collaboration with the ASEAN Secretariat, promotes a robust economic structure that responds to the COVID-19 pandemic centered on the digital industry in ASEAN. Under the COVID-19 pandemic, as many companies in the ASEAN region review their strategies and business models, the digitization of a series of commercial transactions such as marketing, sales and procurement provides an alternative channel for trade and investment in the ASEAN economy and contributes to recover from the pandemic. In this online event, the panelists will discuss the current state of digitalization in ASEAN and share experiences from Japan on the potential of formulation of new industries centered on digitalization and aim to contribute to a sustainable and resilient economy.

The main target is officers of private companies, public institutions, research institutes who are interested in digitization in the ASEAN region. We look forward to your participation.

Registration: (Due: 12:00, Friday 18 March 2022)

Date and time:Thursday 23 March 2022
Conference: 10:30-13:15(Japan Standard time)
Workshop:14:30-17:30(Japan Standard time)
Venue:Online participation  
Organizer:ASEAN-Japan Center  
Co-organizer:The ASEAN Secretariat, Ministry of Communication and Multimedia Malaysia  
Participation fee:Free
Language:English and Japanese (Simultaneous and Sequential interpretation)
Target audience:Private companies, public and research institutes who are interested in digitalization in ASEAN
Contents:  Conference
– Recalibration in ASEAN-Japan value chains
– Fintech and Financial Inclusion

Workshop (Limited participation for 100 persons for each workshop, first-come-first-serve basis)
– IoT for Logistics in ASEAN
– Information Data Centre
– Digital Financial Inclusion
InquiryCapacity Building Cluster, ASEAN-Japan Center
TEL: 03-5402-8116 (info_cb@asean.or.jp)

Time in Japan
(Time in Malaysia)
Provisional Program
Opening Session
– Welcome Remarks
by Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, Malaysia
– Opening Remarks
by Mr. Satvinder Singh, Deputy Secretary-General of AEC, ASEAN.
– Introduction
by Mr. Chris Kunihiko Hirabayashi, Secretary General of ASEAN-Japan Centre
Part 1 and part 2 will be led by a moderator and following panels.
– Panel 1. Dr. Juita Mohamad, Author for “Paper 6, Global Value Chains in ASEAN: Malaysia”
– Panel 2. Mr. Alexander Chandra, Assistant Director of ASEAN Integration Monitoring Directorate, ASEAN Secretariat
– Panel 3. Malaysian panelist
– Panel 4. Malaysian panelist

Discussion session: Recalibrate ASEAN Digital Connect
Part 1. “Recalibration in ASEAN-Japan value chains”
– The panel will stock-take the current value chains architecture (changes and improvement) in overcoming the disruption due to the pandemic.
– In addition, discuss the role of digital in sustaining the value chains.

Part 2. “Fintech and Financial Inclusion”
– The panel will discuss how digital finance facilitates recovery and resilience including supporting the digitally challenge population in the region.
– Then, observe the expansion of the fintech sector during the pandemic.
Workshop is conducted with limited participation for 100 persons for each workshop, first-come-first serve basis

Workshop 1.
IoT for Logistics in ASEAN
Speaker 1. Malaysia
Speaker 2. Japan
Workshop 2.
Information Data Centre
Speaker 1. Mr.Tan Tze Meng, Head, Technology Verticals, Digital Investment, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)
Speaker 2. Viet Nam, Dr. Hoai Nguyen Xuan, Associate professor of Computer Science, AI Academy Vietnam
Workshop 3.
Digital Financial Inclusion
Universal access to financial services
Speaker 1. Mr. Robin Lee, CEO & Co founder, HelloGold, Malaysia
Speaker 2. Mr.Eddy Wong, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, VSure, Malaysia
Closing Remarks