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Introducing Good Design Award ASEAN Design Selection 2018 Winners from the Philippines

In FY2017, the AJC launched a two-year regional program entitled “ASEAN Design Selection” in collaboration with the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) to promote creative industries in ASEAN by recognizing products and services with “good design” as well as a positive social impact.

In FY2018, 22 products/services out of a total of 261 ASEAN applicants from 10 ASEAN Member States were awarded the Good Design Award: ASEAN Design Selection and showcased in Tokyo, Japan. Out of the 22 products/services awarded, four (4) were from the Philippines, namely: Banana Stalk Wallpaper by Red Palm Ventures; Bambino by Bambike; a Social Tourism platform by Make a Difference (MAD) Travel and SALt Lamp by SALt.

In the following year, AJC continued to support the 22 winners access the Japanese market. As part of this activity, the AJC supported the four winners from the Philippines by translating their promotional videos with Japanese subtitles and voice-over. (AJC’s Youtube Channel: TheASEANJapanCentre)

In FY2020, the AJC will continue to support the 2018 winners’ products and services meet Japanese consumers’ preferences and build collaboration with Japanese companies.

For further inquiries regarding the videos, please contact the Capacity Building Cluster: info_cb@asean.or.jp

Banana Stalk Wallpaper by ​Red Palm Ventures


Award-winning item

Banana Stalk Wallpaper
Business Owner Red Palm Ventures
Brief Description Responsible production and consumption through optimal use of banana stalks
Producer Ms. Edna Andes-Palad
More information https://www.facebook.com/red.p.ventures

​Bambike Revolution Cycles by Bambike Revolution Cycles


Award-winning item

Bamboo Balance Bike [Bambino]
Business Owner Bambike Revolution Cycles
Brief Description Use of sustainable bamboos in production and provides livelihood to Bamboo manufacturers
Producer Mr. Bryan Benitez Mc Celland
More information http://www.bambike.com

Social Tourism [Make A Difference (MAD) Travel] by Make A Difference for Social Tourism Inc.


Award-winning item

Social Tourism [Make A Difference (MAD) Travel]
Business Owner Make A Difference for Social Tourism Inc.
Brief Description Social tourism with education and environmental program
Producer Mr. Rafael Ignacio Dionisio
More information http://madtravel.org

​Emergency Lamp [SALt Lamp] by Sustainable Alternative Lighting Corp.


Award-winning item

Emergency Lamp [SALt Lamp]
Business Owner Sustainable Alternative Lighting Corp.
Brief Description Giving light to underserved communities without access to electricity.
Producer Ms. Aisa Alvarez Mijeno
More information https://www.facebook.com/salt.ph

​G Mark Winners 2018 Philippines