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Annual Work Program

Work Program (FY2017)

1) Workshop on Sustainable tourism: Accessible Tourism for MmPSTV

The Centre invites management-level tourism stakeholders from Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam to Japan to learn about and experience Japanese overseas travel market and accessible tourism.  In addition,  a follow-up seminar of the Workshop on Accessible Tourism will be convened in one of the invited countries.. 

2) CLMV Tourism Promotion 

  • The Centre continues the Mekong Tourism Award to award excellent tour products that feature Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, or Vietnam as destinations.

  • A seminar to entice tourist traffic from Japan to the CLMV countries will be conducted in one of the CLMV countries.   

  • A seminar on MRA-TP (Mutual Recognition Arrangement for Tourism Professional) is to be conducted in one of the CLMV countries to raise awareness in the tourism industry. 

3) Training Program on Interpretive Planning

The Centre conducts a training course of interpretive planning in Japan for senior tourist guides (interpreters) and heritage site-managers in ASEAN and Japan to develop a strategic plan to manage visitor services and resource protection on site.  

4) Inbound Tourism Promotion

The Centre dispatches lecturers on the topic of welcoming Muslim tourists from ASEAN to Japan.  

5) Outbound Tourism Promotion

In 2017, ASEAN reaches its 50th Anniversary since the formation. In celebration of this milestone, the ten ASEAN national tourism organizations have jointly developed a tourism program under the campaign theme “Visit ASEAN@50: Golden Celebration”.  ASEAN-Japan Centre promotes and publicizes the campaign in Japan.  

6) Exchange Program for Women Entrepreneurs 

The Centre organizes a support program, “ASEAN-Japan Women Entrepreneurs’ Linkage Program (AJWELP)” in ASEAN to provide a platform for women entrepreneurs in ASEAN and Japan to broaden their business opportunities and networks. 

7)Exchange Program for Youths

An exchange event for ASEAN and Japanese children, as well as ASEAN introductory classes at schools are conducted.

8) Tourism P.R. Activities

The PR activities include the participation in major tourism or international events, and organizing tourism promotions and exchange events at the ASEAN-Japan Hall.  In addition, the Centre strengthens its networks with ASEAN tourism partners by participating in ASEAN Tourism Forum and other major meetings.  

9) Tourism Information Services   

  • The Centre provides tourism materials such as maps, DVDs and photos to travel agencies as well as public.

  • Up-to-date tourism information of the ASEAN region via AJC website, online newsletter and SNS.