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Annual Work Program

Work Program (FY2015)

1) Technical Workshop on Community-based Tourism for CLMTV

The Centre invites management-level tourism stakeholders from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam to Japan to learn and experience Japanese tourism market and community-based tourism. 

2) CLMV Tourism Promotion 

The Centre will launch “Mekong Tourism Award (tentative name)” to award excellent package tours that feature Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, or Vietnam as destinations.
Also, a follow-up seminar to the Technical Workshop on Community-based Tourism will be convened in Vietnam.  

3) Inbound Tourism Promotion

Inbound promotion project will be conducted to entice tourist traffic from the Philippines.  Presentations on “How to welcome Muslim Tourists from ASEAN” will be continuously delivered upon request. 

4) Outbound Tourism Promotion

The Centre will co-organize with JATA Tourism EXPO Japan Organizing Committee, a conference by tourism stakeholders in ASEAN and Japan at the annual International Tourism Forum. 

5) Exchange Program for Youths 

The Centre invites tourism major students from Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore to exchange views with Japanese counterparts and to learn about Japanese hospitality.
An exchange event for ASEAN and Japanese children, as well as ASEAN introductory lectures at schools and universities are conducted.

6) Exchange program on Capacity Building and Culture

The Centre organizes an exchange program by inviting female entrepreneurs from ASEAN to share their experience with Japanese counterparts. 

7) Support for ASEAN Students in Japan 

Seminars on Japanese recruitment system, and business Japanese class will be conducted for ASEAN students studying in Japan. 

8) P.R. Activities  

The activities involve participation in major tourism or international events, and to co-organize events with schools or organizations.

9) Tourism Information Services   

The Centre provides materials such as maps, DVDs and photos to travel agencies as well as general public. Up-to-date tourism information of the ASEAN region is also available on the Centre’s website. 
Additionally, the Centre organizes tourism promotion and exchange events at the ASEAN-Japan Hall.