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Annual Work Program

Work Program (FY2013)

1) Technical Workshop on Cultural and Heritage Tourism

This program invites both public and private tourism personnel from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam to Japan to provide an opportunity to learn the overall Japanese travel market and how to promote tourism with local cultural heritage.

2) ASEAN Festival 2013

An event to highlight ASEAN’s food, culture and entertainment will be organized at a public park in or around Tokyo.

3) CLMV Travel Mart

Medium and small size travel-related companies will be invited to Japan under this program.  Business meetings with Japanese travel companies/tour operators will be conducted as well as seminars at the ASEAN-Japan Hall.

4) Inbound Tourism Promotion

“Seminar on Muslim Tourists from ASEAN” will be conducted in various localities in Japan in cooperation with local governments.

5) Outbound Tourism Promotion

In collaboration with ASEAN’s National Tourism Offices in Tokyo, seminars will be organized to introduce attractions of tourism in ASEAN Member States at the ASEAN-Japan Hall.

6) P.R. Activities

The Centre will conduct tourism promotion in collaboration with various organizations, and will participate in major tourism and international events in Japan.

7) Information and Intermediary Services

The Centre also provides materials such as maps, DVDs and photos to travel agencies as well as general public. Up-to-date tourism information of the ASEAN region is also made available on the Centre’s website. Additionally, the Centre organizes tourism promotion and exchange events at the ASEAN-Japan Hall.