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Annual Work Program

Work Program (FY2019)

1) Workshop on Sustainable Tourism: Gastronomy Tourism

The Centre invites management-level stakeholders from the ASEAN Member States to Japan to learn about Japanese overseas travel market and gastronomy tourism.

2) Theme-based Tourism Promotion

Seminars and events on timely topics will be organized to promote tourism between the ASEAN Member States and Japan.  This year, a seminar to introduce ASEAN Member States as destination of educational trip will be organized in Tokyo.

3) CLMV Tourism Promotion

With an aim to promote Mekong region tourism, the Centre will jointly organize a training for Japanese-speaking guides with Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism in Phnom Penh and Siam Reap. 

4) Training Program on Interpretation

The Centre conducts a training program in Myanmar for managers of tourism sites and NTOs in the ASEAN Member States.  Participants will learn sustainable tourism promotion as well as how to design useful interpretation service to visitors.

5) ASEAN Tourism Awards Japan

The Centre will award excellent tour products to ASEAN destinations to further encourage development of diversified and unique ASEAN tour products.

6) Tourism Investment Seminar

A seminar to introduce investment projects in the tourism area will be organized in Osaka.

7) Tourism P.R. Activities

The PR activities include participation in major tourism or international events, and organizing tourism promotion events/seminars at the ASEAN-Japan Hall. In addition, the Centre strengthens its networks with ASEAN tourism partners by participating in ASEAN Tourism Forum and other relevant meetings.

8) Tourism Information Services

The Centre distributes maps and brochures, and provides information through website, online newsletters and social media.