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LESSON 4 : Key Sentences

LESSON 4 : Key Sentences

*Click on the underlined Japanese phrases to listen to the recorded examples.

  1. Hoteru wa koko desu.
    The hotel is here.
  2. Q: Hoteru wa koko desu ka?
    Q: Is the hotel here?
    A: Hai, soodesu.
        Iie, koko dewa arimasen. Hoteru wa asoko desu.
    A: Yes, it is.
        No, it’s not. The hotel is over there.
  3. Q: Sumimasen, toire wa doko desu ka?

    Q: Excuse me, where is the toilet?
    A: Asoko desu.
    A: The toilet is over there.
    Q: Doomo
    Q: Thank you.
    A: Iie.
    A: You’re welcome.
  4. Q: Sumimasen, ginkoo wa doko desu ka?
    Q: Excuse me, where is the bank?
    A: Ginkoo wa hoteru no tonari desu.
        hoteru no mae desu.
        hoteru no chikaku desu.
    A: The bank is next to the hotel.
        in front of the hotel.
        near the hotel.
  5. Q: Koko kara hoteru made donokurai desu ka?
    Q: How long does it take from here to the hotel?
    A: 10 pun desu.
    A: It takes 10 minutes.