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LESSON 3 : Key Sentences

LESSON 3 : Key Sentences

*Click on the underlined Japanese phrases to listen to the recorded examples.

  1. Kore wa tokei desu.
    This is a watch.
  2. Q: Kore wa nan desu ka?
    Q: What is this?
    A: Sore wa tokei desu.
    A: It is a watch.
  3. Q: Kore wa hon desu ka?
    Q: Is this a book?
    A: Hai, sore wa hon desu.
        Iie, sore wa hon dewa arima sen. Sore wa zasshi desu.
    A: Yes, it is a book.
        No, it isn’t a book. It’s a magazine.
  4. Q: Are wa nan desu ka?
    Q: What is that?

    A: Are wa byooin desu.
    A: That is a hospital.
  5. Kore wa watashi no kaban desu.
    This is my bag.
  6. Q: Kore wa anata no kaban desu ka?
    Q: Is this your bag?
    A: Hai, soodesu.
        Iie, sore wa Yamada-san no desu.
    A: Yes, it is.
        No, it’s Mr. Yamada’s.
  7. Q: Kore wa dare no kaban desu ka?
    Q: Whose bag is this?
    A: Watashi no desu.
    A: It’s mine.