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Talk & Slide Show on Cambodia


Mr. Takayoshi Nakajima 
Mar22event2During the Talk & Slide Show

Date: March 22, 2013

Venue: ASEAN-Japan Hall

Participants: 25 persons


As part of the series of mini-seminars on ASEAN, Tourism & Exchange Division organized a talk & slide show by Mr. Takayoshi Nakajima, titled “Cambodian wedding and lifestyle of young generaion.” 

As a freelance photographer, Mr. Nakajima has visited ASEAN countries over the past years, and has many local acquintances as well.  In fact, it was to attend one of such long-time friends’ wedding that he visited Cambodia recently.  Showing colorful slides, Mr. Nakajima shared with the audience his experience of attending the wedding and talked bout how wedding parties lasted for several days and seemed never-ending.  He also introduced some Khmer ruins which he managed to find time to visit.  

The event was a rare occasion where participants could know about unique local information of Cambodia.