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Seminar on Peranakan Culture


Peranakan_lecturerMs. Miki Tampo Peranakan_seminarSeminar Peranakan_itemsPeranakan wares and items

Date : December 19, 2012

Place : ASEAN-Japan Hall

Participants : 81 persons


Tourism & Exchange Division organized the “Seminar on Peranakan Culture” at the ASEAN-Japan Hall.

Ms. Miki Tampo, who is now based in Penang, Malaysia, and has written a number of books and articles on Peranakan culture delivered the presentation on the history and background of Peranakan people and culture.  Being possibly the first seminar held in Japan that specifically highlights Peranakan culture, we had many participants from various fields.  They were very enthusiastic and many questiones were raised in this rare opportunity.

Peranakan dresses, wares and other items were also displayed at the venue and attracted the participants.