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International Exchange Activity at Onarimon Elementary School


On December 1, 2012, the Centre conducted an international exchange activity at the Onarimon Elementary School for the third time since January 2011.

The activity was organized to provide an opportunity for the pupils to learn about the ASEAN countries and interact directly with people from the ASEAN countries.
Seven lecturers from Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam were invited to explain about culture, food and daily lifestyle of their home countries to the pupils in the 3rd – 6th grades.
In order to make the class more interactive, some lecturers introduced unique products or traditional consumes of their home countries.  This was the first time to introduce Laos and Myanmar to the pupils, and we are pleased that the pupils showed great interests in the ASEAN countries which were new to them. 

Onarimon_Cambodia.JPG    Onarimon_Laos.JPG
                                 Class on Cambodia                             Laos
Onarimon_Malaysia.JPG    Onarimon_Myanmar.JPG
                  Malaysia                       Myanmar
Onarimon_Philippines.JPG    Onarimon_Singapore.JPG
                  Philippines                     Singapore