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Technical Workshop on Cultural and Heritage Tourism for B, I, M, P, S in Japan


lecture_at_ajc.JPGLecture at ASEAN-Japan Hall
group_photo_in_front_of_Geku.JPGGroup photo in front of “Geku” (one of the major shrines in Ise)
lecure_in_okageyokocho.JPGLecture in Okage-yokocho


Place : Tokyo and Ise

Duration :  November 11 – 16, 2012

Tourism & Exchange Division organized the Workshop by inviting management level tourism stakeholders from Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.
The group attended lectures in Tokyo, and also delivered country presentation on a case study of cultural and heritage tourism in their own country before transferring to Ise.  In Ise, the group visited two major shrines and received a lecture on Okage-yokocho.  The participants showed keen interest in Okage-yokocho, or restored historical town of the Edo Era, and some specific questions were raised at the end of the lecture.  

Next year, we will organize a follow-up seminar in four countries (Singapore participants will join the seminar in Malaysia) where the participants will share their learning and findings in Japan with tourism stakeholders back in their home countries.  Presentation by a Japanese and a local experts will also be made during the seminars.