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Seminar on "LCC (Low Cost Carrier) in ASEAN"



Date & Time : December 6, 2011    15:00~17:00

Venue : ASEAN-Japan HALL

◆Market trait of LCC in ASEAN
          by Ms. Fumiko Naito, NNA JAPAN CO., LTD.
◆How to use LCC in ASEAN
          by Mr. Kotaro Toriumi, Airline Analyst
◆Fly from Japan to ASEAN countries
  Introduction of Air Asia, its strategy and latest trend
          by Mr. Shigeki Tsubokawa, General Manager on Japan, Air Asia X
◆Question & Answer
◆Lucky Draw

A seminar on “LCC (Low Cost Carrier) in ASEAN” was held on December 6, 2011.  The three specialists delivered presentations on the market trend, strategies, and how to use LCC efficiently in ASEAN.
After the presentations, 104 attendees joined the question and answer session actively.  This shows people’s high interest in LCC and its management system.
At the end of the program, a lucky draw was held and winners could get prizes which were provided by Air Asia and NNA.