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ASEAN Fair 2011


ASEAN Fair1ASEAN Fair2ASEAN Fair3ASEAN Fair 5ASEAN Fair 2011

Venue : Takashimaya, Osaka City



The Centre conducted ASEAN Fair in Osaka from September 21 to 26, 2011.

This year, handicraft demonstrators from 10 ASEAN countries and stage performers from Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam were invited to the Fair. In total, there were 41,000 visitors to the event floor.

The opening ceremony on September 21 was attended by Mr. Ohnishi, Secretary General of AJC and Ambassadors and Ministers from ASEAN Embassies in Tokyo.

Some activities such as “ASEAN Tourism Promotion Seminar & ASEAN Night” and “Two-way Tourism Exchange Program” were also held during the Fair.