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"ASEAN+3 Youth Travelers Project" in Thailand: Report by Japanese Students


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Date : January 14, 2011

Places : ASEAN Hall, ASEAN-Japan Centre

On January 14, Japanese students who participated in “ASEAN+3 Youth Travelers Project” in Thailand from November 14 – 21, 2010 delivered presentation on their experience of attending the project, at the ASEAN-Japan Hall.

Two students each from Obirin University and Seibu-Bunri University had joined the group of students from ASEAN+3 (Brunei, Singapore, and Korea did not participate) and deepened exchanges through Workshop.

During the presentation, the Japanese students expressed their appreciation to the organizer, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand, while introducing tourism destinations they had visited.  They also reported that their participation in the Workshop enabled them to have discussion with participants from other countries and deepen mutual understanding.  The students made some recommendations for implementing the project in the future as well.

Representatives of tourism industry and universities who were present at the meeting all expressed that this project which provided ASEAN+3 students to meet and discuss tourism-related topics was very meaningful and should be continued in the future.