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Brunei's Tourism Catchphrase Competition


Thank you to all who applied.  The ASEAN-Japan Centre received as many as 1,035 entries to the Competition (click here for details of the competition) .  We are pleased to announce that the following five catchphrases have been chosen:

(in no particular order)
◆Brunei – Find your Peace of Asia     by Mr. Barry Grossman, Aomori Prefecture

◆(in Japanese) mitsukeyou chiisana kuni no ookina kagayaki     by Ms. Akiko Hyodo, Aichi Pref.

◆(in Japanese) mada shiranai atarashii ASEAN e     by Ms. Yukie Tamura, Saitama Pref.

◆(in Japanese) Borneo no hihou shinpino kuni Brunei     by Mr. Rikuta Hiraga, Chiba Pref.

◆(in Japanese) aozora ni azan ga hibiku heiwakyou     by Mr. Koji Hazaki, Hyogo Pref.


The catchphrases will be used to help enhance Brunei’s tourism in our future activities.