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Private: FY2009

Follow-up Tourism Seminars in CLMV


The Centre organized tourism seminar named “Seminar on Sustainable Development of Tourism Destination” in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV) as follows:

March 5, 2010  Yangon (Myanmar): 46 participants
March 8           Hanoi (Vietnam): 49 participants
March 10         Vientiane (Laos): 51 participants
March 12         Siem Reap (Cambodia): 60 participants

The seminars were organized as a follow-up to the Workshop which had been conducted in Tokyo and Karuizawa in November 2009 targeting management-level tourism stakeholders of CLMV.  The Centre dispatched Mr. Masaya Kusube, an ecotourism expert, from Japan specifically for these seminars, who lectured about ecotourism in Japan.  Additionally, Workshop participants made presentation on the results of their studies in Japan, and a local ecotourism expert spoke about ecotourism situations in their respective countries.  Panel discussion by the speakers was also conducted.  Many audiences actively participated in question-and-answer session, proving their keen interest in ecotourism and the Japanese tourism market.