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Private: FY2009

The Third ASEAN Tour Planning Competition


The Centre conducted the ASEAN Tour Planning Competition in 2009 to design new and exciting ASEAN tour programs in order to enhance unique and diversified ASEAN tour products. Entry of this competition started in July 2009, and leading experts from travel trade sector was involved in selecting best tour programs from 296 applications. Prize-winners of ASEAN Tour Planning Competition were invited to a special tour to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia from March 3rd to 9th, 2010.

The special tour for prize-winners was designed based on the Grand Prize Winner, Ms Tatebe’s tour plan with destinations in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. With the theme of “Environmental Safeguards, Eco Business and Local Food”, winners experienced the night train from Bangkok to Nong Khai, riding a bicycle in Angkor heritage area and also traditional herbal food culture in Laos. The tour also included other winners’ plans such as experience of teaching Japanese language and interacting with local students wearing the custom-made traditional dress.

Comments from winners after the special tour were; “Exchange programs with local students were especially impressive” (Ms. Tatebe), “I had a good experience to get to know the difficulties of producing tours” (Ms. Ueda), “This tour made me become more interested in ASEAN countries where my good friends reside” (Ms. Inui), “I would like to pass on charm of ASEAN countries to many people in the world” (Ms. Nakatani).

[Grand Prize] 
Ms. Yasuyo Tatebe (NIC International College in Japan)
“8 Days Eco Cruise of Mekong River”

[Special Prize for Mekong-Japan Exchange Year 2009]
Ms. Asami Ueda (Trajal Hospitality & Tourism College)
    “Graduation trip wearing ethnic dress -Traditional and culture of Myanmar and Laos-”

[ASEAN Theme Prize]
Ms. Eri Nakatani (Rikkyo University)
    “Silk Road tour following the history of Islam”

[ASEAN Theme Prize]
Ms. Maiko Inui (Trajal Hospitality & Tourism College)
   “Experience tour to be Japanese teacher in Mekong area”

[High School Student Prize]
Ms. Sachiyo Tatebe (Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High school)
   “Cultural exchange tour for mothers”

[Junior High School Student Prize]
Mr. Kazuhiro Hashitomi(Shibuya Senior and Junior High school)
   “Enjoy Borneo Tour from the beginning to the end”