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Private: FY2009

Visiting Class at College and University


Hospitality Tourism College: October 27, 2009
Obirin University: November 5, 2009

Mr. In Thoeun, Director, ASEAN-Japan Centre
Mr. Joukei Fuchigami, Assistant Director, ASEAN-Japan Centre
Ms. Harumi Ishida, Project Officer

The ASEAN-Japan Centre conducts visits to universities and colleges in order to let students know the current situations of tourism in ASEAN countries and relations between ASEAN and Japan as part of its PR activities.

Visits were made to Hospitality Tourism College and Obirin University, and Mr. In Thoeun, Mr. Fuchigami and Ms. Ishida of Tourism Division lectured on roles & activities of the Centre, history of relations between ASEAN & Japan, trends of Japanese overseas travelers and fascinations of ASEAN tourism.