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Learning Interpretive Planning for ASEAN Tourism and the Concept of Interpretation with a Workbook

AJC published the “Workbook on Interpretive Planning for ASEAN Tourism and Concept of Interpretation” as a learning material for the participants of the capacity-building program on interpretation and also who may be interested in learning about interpretation to practice at their tourism sites.

This workbook, which is a complement to the Centre’s publication “Interpretive Guide for Sustainable Tourism: Tips for being a good tour guide“ published in FY2019, will help readers develop an interpretive plan for visitor services and resource protection at a site which focuses on:

· The most efficient and effective approaches to communicate the purpose, significance, and themes of the site
· Appropriate means to achieve desired visitor experiences and provide opportunities for audiences to make meanings of the resources at the site
· Logical approaches to sustaining the tourism use of the site

The workbook will be distributed to the participants of the training of AJC, and also available for download.