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Report: Workshop on Sustainable Tourism, Gastronomy Tourism

ASEAN-Japan Centre invited management-level tourism stakeholders from the 10 ASEAN Member States to participate in the Workshop on Gastronomy Tourism.  The linkages between food and tourism provide a platform for the transmission of culture, local economic development, sustainable practices and food experiences, which help to brand and market destinations, as well as support local traditions and diversity (UNWTO website).

The participants from the ASEAN Member States visited various places in Wakayama Prefecture to learn and experience unique programs, how the prefecture uses its rich food ingredients and food culture to promote gastronomy tourism.

  • Date: 17-23 November 2019
  • Place: Wakayama Prefecture
  • Participants: 12
  • Supported by: Wakayama Prefectural Government 


Akizuno Garten

Yuasa, the birthplace of soy sauce


Tuna fish bidding at Katsuura fishing port

Program Outline

Day 1

Arrive in Japan

Day 2

Lectures and presentations at Wakayama University

Updates on the Japanese Overseas Travel Market, Overview of Wakayama Prefecture and its gastronomy tourism, Country presentation by the participants from ASEAN M.S. on gastronomy tourism in the respective countries, Presentations on gastronomy tourism in Wakayama by students of Wakayama University

Day 3

a.m. / Katsuragi-cho (Technical visit to Sakaguchi fruits farm)

p.m. / Koyasan (Visit Shukubo (temple lodging), Lecture on vegetarian food, technical visit to major tourism facilities in the area)

Day 4

a.m. / Yuasa (The birthplace of soy sauce – Technical visit to traditional soy sauce manufacturer and museum)

p.m. / Akizuno (Technical visit to Akizuno Garten and presentation on green tourism/agritourism), Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau (Visit Tourism Information Center and Kumano Travel and presentation on activities of the Tourism Bureau)

Day 5

a.m. / Katsuura Fishing Port and see tuna fish bidding (Briefing on tuna fish bidding system and fishing market)

p.m. / Kumano Kodo (Technical visit and presentation on major tourism places), Katsuura Fishing Port (Technical visit to Nigiwai Ichiba – a facility that provides activities for visitors to learn about tuna fish)



a.m.  / Wrap-up (The participants delivered presentations on gastronomy tourism programs that could be implemented in their countries which they prepared by reflecting what they learned in the workshop)

Day 7

Fly back to home countries