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Report: Thai Tourism Seminar for University Students

ASEAN-Japan Centre jointly organized an event, “Outbound Project: Let’s go to Thailand” with JSTA (Japan Student Tourism Association).

In the seminar, ten students that visited Thailand delivered a presentation on their experiences in Thailand and talked about youth outbound travel. They traveled to Thailand under the project by the AJC jointly organized with an LCC, SCOOT in FY 2018 to promote youth outbound travel.

The students not only talked about the charms of Thailand as a travel destination, but also shared their thoughts on what they found interesting as university students during the trip, what they thought would encourage more students to visit ASEAN Member States , and how their actions and feelings changed after the trip. Moreover, to promote ASEAN Member States as travel destinations, they proposed to highlight the ASEAN as a “Joshi-tabi” (Young women travel) destination since there are a lot of instagram-worthy spots and to facilitate overseas training in ASEAN Member States for university programs.

Also, the organizations and companies that supported the project gave presentations. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) briefed on TAT’s youth activities, SCOOT gave a lecture on the position of ASEAN in the airline industry, and Dusit Thani (hotel) made remarks on the project.

ASEAN-Japan Centre will continue to promote youth outbound travel and ASEAN Member States as travel destinations.

Organizer:  ASEAN-Japan Centre, JSTA
Date and Time:  June 29, 2019  16:00-19:00
Venue:  ASEAN Hall, ASEAN-Japan Centre
Attendees:  65 people