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<Report>Technical visit to Fuefuki city, Yamanashi

The ASEAN-Japan Centre organized a technical visit for representatives from ASEAN embassies and related agencies in Tokyo to Fuefuki city in Yamanashi, as one of AJC’s inbound tourism promotion activities.  The program was conducted with an invitation by Fuefuki city with a support from Kanto District Transport Bureau. 

The program included the visit to the Kofu and Kyoto Regional Clean Center, and the participants were briefed about the function of Energy building and Recycling building, followed by the tour of the facility to learn the joint effort of 4 cities towards a society commitments to recycling and environmental friendly community.     

The main industry of Fuefuki city is agriculture, and their fruit-farming system is certified as Japan Agriculture Heritage. Along with the Japan Heritage “Vineyard landscape”, Fuefuki city materializes their historical fruit-farming and wine-making into effective tourism attractions. The participants visited those tourism sites and attended a network gathering with the mayor of the city and the Fuefuki City Council Members to discuss the future friendship and partnership in tourism and other sectors. 


【Date】 August 23, 2018

【Places of visit】Kofu and Kyotou Regional Clean Center, Japan Agricultural Heritage -Kajitsu-no-sato- (Kin-ou-en),  Japan Heritage “Vineyard landscape”, Winery “Lumiere”,  Tourist Information Center at Isawaonsen station

【Participating ASEAN Embassies】 Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam (12 participants)

【Support】 Kanto District Transport Bureau