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Workshop on Sustainable Tourism: Accessible Tourism (for Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam)

Tourism & Exchange Division invited management-level tourism stakeholders from government and private sectors of Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam to participate in the Workshop on Accessible Tourism as follows:

Date:   October 15-21, 2017 (inclusive of transportation days)

Place: Tokyo and Toba, Mie Prefecture

Participants from MmPSTV: 13


<Program Outline>

Day 1 / Lectures
Updates on the Japanese Outbound Travel Market, Overview of Accessible Tourism, Japan’s Accessible Environment, Approach to Enhancing Accessibility, Accessible Tour Products

Day 2
a.m.    Country presentation on accessible tourism in the respective countries

p.m.    Inspection of TOTO Technical Center, Transfer to Toba

Day 3
Attend the International Tourism Symposium

Day 4
a.m.    Technical visit to barrier free tourism facilities

p.m.    Inspection of accessible hotel rooms, Presentations by Iseshima Barrier Free Tour Center

Day 5
a.m.    Visit Toba Station and barrier-free tourism spots in the area, Group Discussion and Wrap-up


(top left: Attended the International Tourism Symposium on IYSTD 2017)
(top right: Visit to Iseshima BFTC)
(bottom left: Wheelchair demonstration in Toba)