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ASEAN Kids Day 2017

Tourism & Exchange Division held an annual event for children, aimed to help improve their international understanding by introducing them to the culture of ASEAN and related activities.

During the event, chocolate making using Indonesian cacao, Lao traditional dance, lion dance (Chinese Shishimai) popular in Singaporean and Malaysian Chinese communities, tropical fruit poster exhibition, “tanaka” (Myanmar sunscreen) experience, traditional costume experience, ASEAN motif fan making and other activities took place.

The participated parents and children experienced ASEAN attractions through various activities. The ASEAN-Japan Centre also prepared many photogenic moments during the event, so that the activities will reach more people through SNS. The AJC will continue to organize activities and events to provide people of all ages with opportunities to learn more about ASEAN.

Date and Time:  August 5, 2017  12:00-16:00

Venue:  ASEAN-Japan Hall, ASEAN-Japan Centre

Organizer:  ASEAN-Japan Centre

Supporters:  Minato-city, Minato-city Board of Education

Attendees:  Approximately 200 people

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