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Application for the use of the Visit ASEAN@50 Campaign Logo

The ASEAN-Japan Centre promotes travels to the ASEAN region in 2017 in which ASEAN celebrates its 50th Anniversary and encourages the use of the Visit ASEAN@50 campaign logo.  In order to use the campaign logo, you will need to download the logo after reading and agreeing on the following rules.

The VISIT ASEAN@50 Golden Celebration 2017 campaign was launched as one of the tourism strategies in Manila in January 2016, having been agreed on by the tourism ministers in ASEAN Member States. This campaign will celebrate the remarkable 50th Anniversary as well as promote travels to ASEAN as a single destination.

        Logo                                   50logo
  How to apply Please send an e-mail to info_to@asean.or.jp, including the followings:
  • The name of your organization/institution/company,
  • The name of an individual to be contacted,
  • The purpose of using the campaign logo, and
  • The e-mail address at which the logo and a guideline for logo usage will be sent.
  Use of the logo


◆ The Visit ASEAN@50 Campaign Logo is principally used to promote travels to the ASEAN region and tourism offerings. For example, the logo may be used in a brochure, poster, Website, newspaper, magazine, and printing, on a business card, envelop, and product, and at an event.

◆ The Campaign logo may be placed in any background color. It cannot be used on photographic images.


◆ Follow the guideline that will be sent to you after applying for the usage.


◆ The Visit ASEAN@50 Campaign Logo cannot be used in the following cases, and its use may be immediately terminated in such cases:

  • The logo is solely used for sales purpose.
  • The use will violate laws and public welfare.
  • The use will lessen the image of ASEAN and the ASEAN-Japan Centre and be against the purpose of the logo.
  • The logo is used for the purpose of inappropriate profit-making.
  • The logo is used for a particular individual or organization.
  • The use is considered to be inappropriate by the ASEAN-Japan Centre.


Inquiry to:
Tourism & Exchange Division
ASEAN-Japan Centre
E-mail: info_to@asean.or.jp
Telephone: +81-3-5402-8008 
Facsimile: +81-3-5402-8009
Shin Onarimon Bldg., 6-17-19 Shimbashi
Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004 Japan